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The Community Checkup is your resource for understanding health care value in Washington state. This short video will help you get started. For more detailed guidance see below.

Compare Scores is where you can interact with all of the Community Checkup results. You can select different counties, types of health care providers including hospitals, medical groups, or clinics, and categories of care or individual measures.

See the steps below to help you start your search.

Step 1

Go to the Compare Scores page and select the results you want from the options listed. Are you interested in comparing counties, health plans, or hospitals? Select your choices from the first dropdown menu and click “Apply” at the bottom. You can choose multiple selections. Click off of the dropdown menu to hide it.

Step 2

Refine your search by selecting geographic areas, such as Accountable Communities of Health or counties, in the next dropdown menus. Click on “Apply.”

Step 3

Next, you can choose a type of health care provider or specific organization, category of care, or specific measure from the next dropdown menus. Click on “Apply.”

Step 4

Use the buttons on the top of the chart to select a different year, insurance type, or change the way you see the results, in a table or graph.

Step 5

By clicking on the results in the chart, pop up boxes will appear with additional choices. By selecting those, you can find out more information about categories, measures, and see other results for a place or organization.

Step 6

You can change the sorting of the results by hovering over the chart titles and clicking on the icon.

Why Don’t I See Any Data?

There are a couple of reasons why you may not be getting any results:

  • You may not have the right insurance type selected. For example, hospital scores are available only when you select “All” under Insurance Type.
  • We may not have results for the year you selected. Try changing the year.
  • There may not be any data available for the organization or geographic region you selected. Smaller medical groups and clinics and more rural counties are likely to not have big enough populations to meet our public reporting requirements.